Custom Patent Analytics Services for Prosecution

LexisNexis PatentAdvisor® Custom Analysis
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The deep resources you need for customized answers to difficult questions
發掘因耗時或僅靠獨自尋找而不大可能的產出的深入見解。以專利審查專家與大量權威數據為基礎,依據您本身需求獲取量身訂做的分析報告。 PatentAdvisor® Custom Analysis 會根據您特有的資料,做出可據以採取行動的分析結論。所有的自訂報表均是以獨立服務的形式提供。

Custom Data Queries

Made-to-order data sets
You know the information you need, and LexisNexis can provide the data to get you there. Made-to-order data sets delivered in spreadsheet format for your custom queries.

Examples include:

  • Terminal disclaimers filed in your applications
  • Lists of applicable patent references for your cases

Custom API Requests

Get direct access
Access documents from the USPTO PAIR system directly from your docketing or internal data management system.

Bulk download document sets including:

  • All office actions issued in a particular portfolio
  • Application documents or full bibliographic data