A comprehensive approach to patent analytics


Intelligence to Drive Progress

Focus on what matters most as you rely on industry-leading patent analytics and research tools to quickly give you the intelligence you need to drive new progress in IP.


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3 Reasons PatentAdvisor Examiner ETA™ Is Better Than Allowance Rate

PatentAdvisor ETA seeks to eliminate the bias inherent in allowance rates by taking into consideration each examiner’s experience and decision trends to produce a more predictive patent metric.

Upcoming Webinar - Five Time-Saving Tips for Patent Searching

Join us for a hands-on product-in-action webinar featuring how our cutting edge patent search tool can greatly improve your efficiency.

3 Benefits of Automating Your Office Action Responses

Deliver more accurate responses in a shorter time frame when you leverage the right tool.


PatentAdvisor ETA™

ETA™ 預測獲得一項專利的可能性和難度。

更美好的專利世界 (Better Patents Now) 播客


InfoPro Community

Resources, Tips, and Training on Intellectual Property Law for Information Professionals.


AIA Best Practices: A Holistic Approach to Patent Prosecution

AIA Best Practices: A Holistic Approach to Patent Prosecution

A lot has changed since the America Invents Act (the “AIA”) switched up the United States patent system from a “first-to-invent” to a “first-to-file” system back in 2013, and that includes some of the most basic advice patent practitioners provide to their clients....

Are U.S. Patent Examiner Statistics Fair?

Are U.S. Patent Examiner Statistics Fair?

Analytics describing what happens at the U.S. patent office have been on the market for almost a decade, most commonly in the form of examiner statistics. It’s no longer news that there is significant outcome variability at the USPTO, and that it’s largely driven by...

How to Automate Office Action Responses

How to Automate Office Action Responses

The amount of ways patent prosecution tools can benefit a patent application has grown significantly. Early on, online patent search tools connected the world and brought national and international patent documents within a few clicks. Patent practitioners caught on...

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